Friday, 28 December 2012

christmas 2012

Here we go, I'm going to try show every gift I made this Christmas!

Blanket for my niece 6 months. Fabric cotton patchwork on one side strawberry patterned fleece on the other.

Blanket for nephew 14 months. Same to the previous blanket but 4 x 4 patchwork squares, but same size overall, the pale blue polka dot is fleece.

Bag for nephew 6 years old. Lined draw string backpack with applique name detail. I used this tutorial from Amanda at kitschycoo, which I can fully recommend.

Pillow for adult with severe learning difficulties and sensory issues. Linen Pillow with patch work front. The fabrics were picked for there different textures, the zipper is hidden under a flap at the back.

Apron for best friend and Homemade vanilla extract. The apron is double sided the blue is new cotton and the pink fabric is vintage re-purposed fabric.

Pot holders for adult family friend. Made from linen with cotton fabric details gifted with the jam (bramble apple and raspberry jam).

Concrete plaque/steppingstone for a family. They have just moved to a new house in November!

Illustrations for family members. To see more illustrations visit

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Wreath

This is my Christmas wreath that I made last year. I found those cute little mushrooms and thought that they would look super cute on my wreath, but they drove the cats mad. In the end I had to take them off but I wanted a photo to remember how cute it was! I hand this wreath in the window and you can see it from outside.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cat Photo Story


Nom nom


Whats he looking at?

Can I come out to play?





I change my mind, it's scary out here

Oh... dank, dark corner

Here looks secluded

Pots these look safe

Hey, what you doing over here?

I'll just hide in this corner under this nettle plant

What is he thinking?

Arghh the sun it blinds

Whats that?

This way

Now this way


Oi you should be following me

This way

No this way

Look at me I look like a racoon!

Whats that?

What you looking at?

Whats this for?

Whats this?



Cat jackets were remade following my first attempt. I changed the pattern making bits thinner and adding length where needed to suit each cat. I think Flynn's blue jacket makes him look rather fetching, his is made from some of his 'Dads' old pyjamas and Inara's one is made from an old pyjama top of mine.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Baby leggings

I really wanted to make some legging for my niece as my Mum had given me some of her old nighties in really lovely jersey fabrics. I only managed one in the end and here it is:

Cute baby leggings
This fabric is sweet the other fabric was baby pink with white polka dots! This is the first time I've used the double needle that came with the sewing machine it makes it look very professional. It was this tutorial that really made me want to have a go.

First time using a double needle