Sunday, 27 November 2011

Button Bracelet for me

This is my first attempt at a button bracelet, I thought it looked a bit sparse.So I added a load more buttons, and while looking for more buttons I found this cute mushroom charm in my stash. I really love this little mushroom it actually came off of a pair of underwear. This bracelet is quite short due to my smallish wrists. I really like it I don't really wear jewellery but its nice to have something to show people that you like making things when your out and about.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Baby Booties Galore!!!

How sweet are all these? I'm loving making these cute little booties for new born baby's! I like going though my stash and pairing fabrics together to do the two sides to these boots. I tried putting different fabric on the bottoms of the apple print fabric ones - you can just see in the photo, and I quite like that look I'd like to try more like that!

This is the reverse side of the bright pink booties seen in the above photo. I think I prefer this side, I do love this fabric though! I think I'll try buy some more before it sells out.

These booties are made from recycled fabric, this side used to be some PJ bottoms and the other fabric was a vintage flat sheet. I love re purposing old fabric, much more environmentally sound! The only problem I have is getting my hands on it, oh, and affording it (sometimes)!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas is on it's Merry Way!!!

This year I decided to have a go at making my own decorations! I saw this idea online... its just fabric strips knotted around a wire. This one is just little, I used a bit of wire and made a loop at the top for hanging it up - I have seen others use a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle.

This second one is massive and very heavy! I used a wire wreath box frame which aren't so easy to get hold of in the UK! I had to order it from the US and the postage was more than the frame, but I think it looks quite impressive! I started using the fabric above but realised it would cost loads if I used my expensive fabric so I found an old green double flat sheet and it used the whole thing and I could have filled it out more if there had been more fabric!!!

The great thing about these are they are both sided, I'm going to hang the big one in my window so everyone can see it! I might try to find something to decorate it with, my mum suggested red berries and I was thinking a big red bow, but I'm not sure yet...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Flynn's Operations

Yes that's right it's a plural. I took him to be neutered and that night after getting him home it was obvious he needed to go back! So I'm thinking that they'll just push it all back in (that was the problem what ever they had done was coming back out the wounds as they don't stitch them up). So when the vet said I had to leave him with them again I think she wasn't sure how to judge my face, so she questioned 'if it is OK to leave him here?', well they did bodge it up the first time!

But as you can see he's all happy now, having a evening nap with his Inara! It was very stressful time he had lots of medication and eye drops and a buster collar - he hated the buster collar and he couldn't do anything with it on! He couldn't eat or drink with it on and toileting became very messy. Apart from his bottom being a bit chilly he is right as rain and beating up Inara with angst!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Cool Bag For Day Trips

Over the summer months we went out for the day a few times and as the cheapskates we are we always tried to take a packed lunch with us (often the out of date stuff for the local shop brought the night before!). So I decided I would have a go at making a cool bag so that maybe our food would stay cooler, and this is what I came up with! I'm not a 100% happy but it should do for me.

The apple fabric is a medium weight cotton and so is the lining, the green fabric is a upholstery fabric and the handles are just some ribbon - I regret the ribbon but I didn't have anything else at hand when I made it! But what I love is that it is the right size for me and the other half, I designed it so that it fit two small bottles of water and two sandwiches and snacks for two! The other thing I'm impressed with is that I learned how to do a recessed zipper. I used Insul-bright to help the insides stay cool, but I think I was meant to put a layer of wadding in as well but I didn't realise until I had finished, amateurs mistake.

Such a shame it took me this long to get it made as now I'll have to wait until next spring to use it!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New Baby Gift

A nephew was born on the 13th October 2011, not technically mine but my boyfriend's, but every one loves to spoil a baby!!! Here is my gift to little Henry (well our gift). The bib I made from my first attempt at machine free motion quilting - I just cut out the shape and bias bound the edges. The booties I found a pattern for online, this one in fact: which is brilliant, easy to follow.

I love the booties I wanted to keep them but my feet were too big ;) Here is a photo of them inside out as they are reversible.

And up close of the outside I chose the apple print as Henry was my boyfriend's Sister's first baby and thus the metaphorical 'apple of her eye' see I thought about that one.