Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Flynn's Operations

Yes that's right it's a plural. I took him to be neutered and that night after getting him home it was obvious he needed to go back! So I'm thinking that they'll just push it all back in (that was the problem what ever they had done was coming back out the wounds as they don't stitch them up). So when the vet said I had to leave him with them again I think she wasn't sure how to judge my face, so she questioned 'if it is OK to leave him here?', well they did bodge it up the first time!

But as you can see he's all happy now, having a evening nap with his Inara! It was very stressful time he had lots of medication and eye drops and a buster collar - he hated the buster collar and he couldn't do anything with it on! He couldn't eat or drink with it on and toileting became very messy. Apart from his bottom being a bit chilly he is right as rain and beating up Inara with angst!

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