Friday, 25 November 2011

Baby Booties Galore!!!

How sweet are all these? I'm loving making these cute little booties for new born baby's! I like going though my stash and pairing fabrics together to do the two sides to these boots. I tried putting different fabric on the bottoms of the apple print fabric ones - you can just see in the photo, and I quite like that look I'd like to try more like that!

This is the reverse side of the bright pink booties seen in the above photo. I think I prefer this side, I do love this fabric though! I think I'll try buy some more before it sells out.

These booties are made from recycled fabric, this side used to be some PJ bottoms and the other fabric was a vintage flat sheet. I love re purposing old fabric, much more environmentally sound! The only problem I have is getting my hands on it, oh, and affording it (sometimes)!

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