Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I did try to make as many gifts this year as I could, my other half pitched in and drew an amazing picture for his Dads Christmas gift as well.

For my brother I assembled a personalised first aid kit complete with Dora the Explorer plasters as he has a 2 year old daughter. For my sister-in-law I made the bag in the photo below (I didn't get it finished in time for her birthday in May). Made from Ikea fabrics with a plain black cotton lining. I filled the bag with all different pink sweets and sweets with pink packaging.

For my other-half's second eldest sister and partner I made a selection of jams using the apples and pears from the orchard behind my parents house. I wrapped one of each (apple pancake sauce, apple chilli jelly and pickled pears) in a record bowl shaped to fit the three jars in.

For there two children I made toys. For there eldest who is five I made a sock monkey which I did make in time for Christmas last year whilst we were living in France but we didn't return to England till after Christmas. I dresses the sock monkey as a pirate especially for him.

And since they had a baby in October I made a taggy blanket out of really cute owl fabric with a fleece back. To go with it I made a tiny sock monkey out of baby socks which was very cute but I forgot to take a photo of it.

For his youngest sister (still older than him he's the baby of the family) and her partner I made home flavored vodka, I decided to use retro sweets, after researching on the Internet I decided on Black Jacks for one and Fruit Salads for the other. Then I made a very flat record bowl to wrap up the two bottles in with a packet of each sweets.

And for my very good friend I made some little decrative owls out of felt. I made these from out of a magazine, I much prefer the off white and purple one, I think all the colours work really well.

Monday, 12 December 2011


Here is Inara!!! I think she is all grown up now, she is 10 months! She was poorly in November but she is all better now, bless her! I love how her eyes are almost green, some times I think she looks a bit like an Egyptian Mau - probably only because I know there is a bit Egyptian Mau in Bengal cats.

And Flynn... he is a cutie. He looks like a full size cat but he is still small, he is 7 months now!!! He is a bit of a scaredy cat if you sneak up on him me literally jumps out of his skin today he jumped like 3 foot in the air when he got spooked! I think he scares visitors as when he gets scared it looks like they are being horrible - I have to reassure people that he's easily startled.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Free Owl Door Stop Pattern

You will need:

PDF pattern from here
2x Buttons
1x Zip
10x5cm white felt for eyes
8x4cm yellow/orange felt for beak
12x13cm fabric for belly
17x8cm felt/fleece for eye ‘mask’
33x25cm fabric for bottom and sides
60x36cm fabric for main body
60x43cm wadding or interfacing
60x43cm fabric for lining (optional)


1. Cut out all the pieces, adding a seam allowance where required. You need from our choice of exterior fabrics: 2x main body, 2x triangles, 1 bottom rectangle (about 23x16cm), 1 belly, 1 eye ’mask’, 2x eyes and one beak, 2x eyes. Cut from wadding or interfacing 2x main body and 2x triangles. Lining (if you want) 2x main body and 2x side triangles.

2. Pin one wadding piece to one body piece – this will be the front. Appliqué the belly into position and the eyes, sew the eyes on top of the eye ‘mask’. Then attach the button eyes.

3. Sew both the sides (triangles) to the front, remembering that right sides should be facing. All the sides you want on the outside should be facing together as you sew! Then attach the back to the sides and front.

4. Repeat step three for the lining if you want.

5. Cut the bottom rectangle into two one piece smaller than the other. Attach the shorter piece to the zip first then attach the longer piece. Fold the longer piece over the zip and fold back so that you cannot see the zip but you can still get to it then sew this into place.

6. Attach all the 4 layers, lining, wadding, and main body to the bottom rectangle. I find it easier to hand baste it in to place. The bottom rectangle will be to big so trim it down to size. Then neaten off this seam, perhaps with an overlocker.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Satin Embroidered Eye Masks Trio

Aren't these great... if I do say so myself! The bit I love is the embroidery, beads and sequins, but I have to admit I am not responsible for any of that. The smart bit is the satin fabric was from a pillow slip I got in some Next sale years ago and that is why they are so pretty!

I actually used the pillowcases for a project ages ago these I made from the leftovers as I had lots leftover. But I had to be very strategic about how I cut out the embroidered parts.

These will be available in my Etsy shop bar one which is a gift!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Etsy Shop Open!

I opened my Etsy Shop today!!! I listed these Magnets for sale - I designed the packaging and absolutely love it! The second font is the same font as the text on my logo. I love making these magnets I have a set of the mushroom ones on my fridge, as it is my most favorite fabric ever!

Visit my Etsy shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SewnByRosie