Sunday, 24 July 2011

Home is where the Xbox is cross-stitch

Now, I will let you know I am partial to a good cross-stitch pattern. I found a brilliant one here at the Domestic Scientists blog! I really, really wanted to stitch it but I didn't have a good enough reason we don't even own an Xbox! Well, so recently our two of our guy friends moved out of their parents places into a shared house with some other friends of ours... so what a great excuse to sew it as a house warming gift for a whole house of friends! I was apprehensive that three twenty three year old guys would not appreciate a framed cross-stitch... but blow me away, they loved it! I did not use the same colours from the original pattern but looked at a picture of an Xbox controller and tried my best to colour match from all the sewing threads I have, trying to use up the scrappy left over bits from other projects.

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