Thursday, 18 August 2011

Taking the Cats for Walkies

I made these a couple of weeks ago. We decided that the cats should be able to enjoy the outside too! So I was looking for ages for a pattern to make a secure harness for the kittens, I had read other cat owners say that there cat preferred the harnesses that are more like jackets as they made the cat feel more secure. But despite my best efforts I could not find a pattern, so I had decided that I would leave it for another day and just make it up my self.

But low and behold as I was looking for a pattern for a cool bag guess what I stumble upon... a harness pattern for a small dog! So thanks to Erin Erickson I didn't need to draft my own pattern, I altered this one a bit I had to take some of the width out of the back but with slight adjustment I had two functioning harnesses! Both need to be remade as there are problems with both, Flynn's is too tight around his chest now and Inara's one keeps breaking. I used poppers on the harnesses as I didn't trust Velcro, the poppers on Inara's keep ripping out of the fabric though hers has Velcro too as it was the prototype. Here's some picture, oh and I made a matching leash for Inara:

They are such different cats in their personality's, Inara loved it outside she was striding about like she owned the place, bearing in mind this was my parents garden home to two large 9 year old male cats. Flynn was terrified he panicked at every noise but after a while gained confidence from watching Inara waltz about the place, but Flynn had never been outside before, where as Inara was allowed into an outside enclosure at the breeders.

We have walked them twice so far the second time we went so we could sit in the sun as we have no garden ourselves. Flynn just tried to hide under my body when I was laying out on a blanket and Inara started on one of my mums cats. I say my mums cats, they were mine, Grey and Cream we call them - guess what colours they are! But after uni they didn't like me for abandoning them and my little brother adores cream cat, also my boyfriend did keep reminding me that they were not his cats. So that's why we decided on getting our own cats.

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