Tuesday, 17 January 2012

10m of Bunting for a Wedding

The bunting in the photograph wrapped around the summer house I made for the bride and bridegroom to use for there wedding day! The brides colour theme for the day was dark red and ivory, the fabric I used was a dark red fitted sheet that was given to me and I brought some bias binding (which was cream). It took ages to make the bunting I think there is about 10 meters of it, but I cant remember how many triangles I made but there were lots! Each triangle is two cut from fabric and sewn together, trimmed, turned right side out, and ironed... then I had to pin them all to the bias binding the same space apart and sew! Really a simple thing to make but time consuming, but it was much appreciated and thus well worth it!

The two photos above with the bunting in are taken by the wedding photographer, his photos are wonderful!

Cakes!!! These are the cakes me and another two bridesmaids made these for the wedding, I think we made around 50 cupcakes and 60 scones in one day! It took the longest to decorate all the cakes, in the end I didnt even get to eat one! Everyone said they were very tasty, and dont they look lovely? We were very proud of our cakes.

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