Saturday, 22 September 2012

IKEA Office Chair Re-cover

In my sewing room I've had this old black Ikea office chair since we moved in... I found it in the garage so it was a bit gross! I washed it before I brought it into my home but as you can see in the photo it still had weird stains on it.

So I was looking at tips to reupholster the two chairs in my living room (I want to do something a bit different with them but that's another story) when I stumbled on some photos of the same Ikea chair but in beautiful fabrics! What I thought was, that looks easy and at the same time I could put better padding on the seat as it needs it!

This is the last bit of that fabric I had, which is one of my most favourite. So now I'll have a few years of looking at this lovely fabric! The padding is recycled from one of my front room chairs and is so much better and comfy than before! I cleaned all of the chair as I had it dismantled. The whole thing was so easy to do, though I did get a pain in my hand from the staple gun. It was well worth the effort only took me two evenings and that is mostly because I run out of staples!

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