Sunday, 7 October 2012

Recovered Lounge Chairs

This is a Chair that I had spent a long time thinking about. I was given this Mid-century chair by a family friend (along with the shorter one next to it). I love their style! They were in need of recovering when I got them. The original fabric was faded and had a few small holes in. But after a couple of months with the cats they were more hole than cover!

 This project had been a long time coming we were given the chairs not long after moving in (April 2011!). But eventually I have accomplished it. I had decided not to buy fabric specific for the job so I had to make the most of what I could find in my sewing room. I know the chair could look much better with a different selection of fabrics, yet I am still happy with what I had ended up with.

The fabrics are a mixture of upholstery weight cottons, faux suede, silk tweeds and there is a flocked polyester in there too.

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